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Employee Career Growth Story: 7+ Years with Volaris Group

When a business is acquired by Volaris Group, its employees are welcomed into a global network of over 9,500 employees across 150 business units. With so much talent, it is important that we provide employees with an environment of continuous learning and development. This helps position all of the companies in our portfolio for long-term success.

Volaris Group’s proven talent development process helps nurture business leaders and provides limitless opportunities to grow within our organizations. In fact, 81% of current business leaders were in place at the time of acquisition or have been internally promoted.

The Q&A interview below highlights the career growth story of Clare McCormick, the Director of Professional Services at Wynne Systems. Clare was an employee at RentalResult, a UK rental management software business, when the organization joined Volaris Group in 2015. Since then, Clare has had an impressive career path within the rental management portfolio at Volaris Group.

In this interview, we discuss Clare’s experience joining Volaris Group via acquisition and learn how her career has progressed over the past several years.

How were you first introduced to Volaris Group?

RentalResult was acquired by Volaris Group in 2015 as a tuck-in to Wynne Systems. Our product offering was in the same markets for construction as Wynne Systems, so a tuck-in made the most sense for the long-term growth of the business.

What was important to you at the time of acquisition?

After many years working very closely with the customers, it was important for me that they received the same level of support and care. I was pleased to see that this certainly was the case post-acquisition. I believe our customers also appreciated the improved structure and stability of joining Volaris Group.

What were your initial thoughts about joining Volaris Group?

I really appreciated the change, and I liked the stability and structure that it brought to RentalResult. It all made sense! Having more insight on how the business operated and a clear understanding of goals and expectations made for a great experience during the post-acquisition process.

Tell us about your time with RentalResult.

I began working at RentalResult in 2004 and have been working with the system for over 18 years. I started working as a business analysis and trainer, but my role changed over time as I began supporting new customer implementations.

About a year after the acquisition of RentalResult, I became an implementation specialist at Wynne Systems. I then moved to the customer success team as a manager. As a member of the implementation team who spent significant effort getting a customer successfully live and handing over to customer care teams, it was exciting to continue to support customers after go-live. I then moved back to the professional service team and progressed into my current role as the Director of Professional Services at Wynne Systems.

What have you enjoyed working within a larger organization?

I have enjoyed the opportunity to learn about other key areas of the business. Throughout my time working within Volaris Group, I have been able to learn with every role that I have held. At Volaris, there are many networking and best practice sessions available that allow employees to learn more about key business areas as it relates to vertical market software businesses.

How has the acquisition impacted the RentalResult customers?

I really enjoy working with our customers, which was a significant reason that I chose to stay with the company post-acquisition. Volaris Group provides a framework for us to generate regular feedback from our customers, which allows us to keep them happy. I’m so proud of our team when we get feedback about our team like, “We do not have this type of relationship with any of our vendors, no one compares.”

How has the acquisition impacted the career progression for yourself and the RentalResult team?

Since RentalResult became part of Wynne, it has provided significant opportunities for my personal and professional growth with the strong structure that is in place for talent development. The opportunities for career progression for our entire team were there. As a part of Volaris Group, employees have the opportunity to work with their leaders on a clear path to achieve their professional goals.

The talent management process is something that distinguishes Volaris from other companies. This process allows our businesses to create challenging and rewarding career opportunities with support and mentoring every step of the way.

If you are interested in learning more about our talent management process or how we maintain a culture of continuous learning and development, please feel free to Contact Us.