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InTempo Case Study

InTempo Case Study

  • Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN
  • Acquisition Date: April 2015
  • Vertical Market: Rental Management
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For over 10 years, Volaris Group has seen strong growth in the Rental Management space. In 2012, Volaris acquired Wynne Systems, a premier provider of equipment rental software and construction management software for companies around the world. A few years after acquisition, the team at Wynne realized that they were not focusing on their mid-market customers to the best of their ability. After thorough analysis of the business and conversation among the teams, the decision was made to split the business to provide better service to Wynne’s customers. In 2015, InTempo was separated out as its own organization to focus on over 65 of Wynne’s mid-market customers.

Forming a New Team

The InTempo team was comprised of ten employees from Solutions by Computers (SBC), the first business in Volaris’s Rental vertical, and ten employees from Wynne Systems located in Irvine and Indianapolis. Matt Hopp, former Director of Customer Care at Wynne Systems, is now the General Manager of InTempo. Hopp brought over ten years’ experience in Rental Management to InTempo and resides in Indianapolis, where InTempo is headquartered.

When forming the new team, Hopp worked with Volaris Group to keep employees’ best interests in mind. They developed a team of employees who were both eager to start a new challenge in their career and had a lot of experience working with mid-market customers. At InTempo, many new roles were created, providing employees with new opportunities for professional development that would have otherwise been limited prior to the split.

The leadership team at InTempo has benefitted from attending various Volaris conferences and networking events. These annual events bring together employees from over 150 business units within the organization to share best practices and success stories. Connecting with other leaders throughout Volaris has helped InTempo team to learn from other software experts and continue to develop their skillsets.

Attending Volaris networking events and being more involved with the other businesses in our portfolio has been great for our leadership team.

Matt Hopp, General Manager, InTempo

The Role of Marketing & Sales

Since InTempo was a new brand in Rental Management, the InTempo team needed to clearly define their position in the market. The team spent a lot of time focusing on marketing to generate awareness for the brand by developing a strong online presence. The team hired a full-time marketing resource that had the skillset and experience that InTempo was searching for. This resource started working at InTempo on the day that the company launched, eager to grow the brand. She developed the InTempo website in less than three weeks and was instrumental in developing content and growing InTempo’s name in the industry. Within a year, the team was driving high-quality traffic to the website.

As the customer base of Wynne was split and shifted to a new organization, it was important to identify which prospects would be nurtured by Wynne or InTempo. The businesses decided to share a CRM system to monitor their pipeline. With proper communication and qualification, it was easy to assign prospective clients to the right solution. Matt Hopp explains, “We are very team-oriented. We work together to determine the best fit for the customer and their businesses.” This strategy is evident by the growth InTempo has seen over the past six years.

Post-Acquisition Success

Since 2015, InTempo has successfully provided innovative solutions to mid-market customers in the industry. While functional areas of the business are separate, such as marketing, customer care, and professional services, the teams at Wynne and InTempo still share best practices when it comes to business metrics and procedures.

In fact, InTempo has worked on many new projects and initiatives in the past few years to support their customer base. While these projects are separate from the operations of Wynne, expertise and development resources are shared between the teams. Hopp says, “There is a lot of internal discussion when we look at ways to improve our software offering for our customers, including modifications that we’re making, and how those fit into the modifications that that Wynne might be doing.” Hopp and his team leverage this knowledge to provide innovative solutions to the industry.

Our growth has given us the ability to be our own entity in the marketplace and provide new opportunities for both employees and customers.

Matt Hopp, General Manager, InTempo

Since 2015, InTempo has continued to grow net revenues significantly. Having a strong presence in the Rental industry combined with the financial backing of Volaris’ parent organization provides a strong foundation to consider other strategic acquisitions. This strategy will help the Rental Management vertical at Volaris continue the current momentum and add new software businesses to the organization.